Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Collab; My Top 5 Highend Lipsticks

Lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks, why are you so beautiful? I have a problem where I just cant stop buying them. Anyone else have this problem? I think I may need to join the L.A (Lipstick anonymous) but I just can't part my love for them. Choosing which lipstick to wear for the day and applying it is one of my favourite parts about putting my make up on. I really think lipstick can change the whole of the make up look.
Since being a make up obsessive I have built quite a collection that contains a ridiculous amount of lipsticks and I want to share my top 5 highend picks with you! This is a collaboration post so go check out the gorgeous Taylor over on Taylors Collection to see her top 5 too!

One of my favourites has to be Macs Creme Cup, it's a shade I tend to recommend everyone, it's so gorgeous! This is my go to lipstick for days when I just don't know what to wear. A beautiful muted baby pink that will suit all skin tones. Being in the cremesheen range this lipstick is so moisturising and perfect for days when your lips are dry and nothing is saving them. ( I have a few of these days )

Another favourite of mine from Mac is Creme D'Nude also from the cremesheen line. I find this is the perfect nude without making me look dead. It has peach undertones that give the most gorgeous look to the lips. If your looking for a proper nude I recommend this!

YSL next and oh my look at this shade! Rouge Voulptee in number 7 is just heaven! The most beautiful baby pink colour without making you look like a Barbie. The formula is ridiculously creamy and so pigmented that one swipe is all you need.

Another Rouge Voulptee favourite is number 1, another nude but this time with pink undertones. This comes out as a muted rose pink that can be worn with any make up look for £24.50 it is alot for a lipstick so I buy these just as a treat! (even when I don't deserve one) ;)

Last but not least is Illamasquas Eurydice, a very bright pink. I find this looks drop dead gorgeous when I have natural eye make up and have my hair tied up, it just makes a statement. This is also perfect for nights out with a little black dress. The formula is very matte so a lip scrub and balm is highly needed but once you've

smoothed those babies out your ready to go! No need to top up as these last for hours even after eating and drinking.

What are your favourite lipsticks?

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